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Mobile Nation on Sunday morning

The panel at Mobile Nation this morning brought together artists, community technologists and academics. I just thought I would highlight some questions and themes that came out of the panel in relation to embodied memory, the urban screen and public art and the city, cars and the cinema. The most pressing questions around the murmur project concerned how to deal with indexing and the archive with an expanding storytelling database and how to situate the work within the history of documentary practice. One of the most provocative presentations was given by Maria Stukoff, who is moving beyond the whole planting a seed with your mobile project toward projects that create space for urban play with public screens. She showed an early Pietr Bruegle (one of his cityscapes with children playing in the streets) in order to emphasize the potential of re-invigorating public space with play. She also used words like aetherial and spiritual to describe the potential of urban screens for inerventions but she didn’t elaborate too much in this direction. Judith Doyle’s collaboration with OCAD, KMDI and Baycrest to find innovative uses for mobile devices to help people with amnesia was fascinating. Too much to discuss really but I thought I would mention what a good panel it was. Cheers. If you want to check out any of this work you can look up the participants below:

Julie Andreyev – FWDrift [remix]
Judith Doyle – Warmware : mnemonic art and design research
Shawn Micallef – Storytelling Goes Mobile
Gabe Sawhney – Media for Regular Mobile Humans
Maria Stukoff – Mobile Public Art and the Urban Screen

Sun, March 25 2007 » cell phone, community, conferences, emerging technologies, locative media

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  1. Caitlin March 28 2007 @ 11:13 am

    thanks very much for posting this — i would love to hear more.. perhaps if there is time on Friday!