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April 1st class

Hi everyone
just a reminder that if you haven’t already sent me a title and your equipment needs for next class, please do so ASAP. We don’t have a lot of time to showcase everyone’s work and i’d like to make smooth transitions between projects and even write up a tentative schedule. if you already know that you require set up time, please try to organize yourself in advance — Andrew and I will be in the lab early and can help you. Remember that you are asked to speak only briefly to the project — say 5 or 6 minutes only — describe your larger work and your goals for the piece, how it fits with ideas raised in the course and relationship to future cinema more broadly, challenges etc. and then give people the opportunity to play with it for a bit (or talk while they look/play to keep things really moving). ideally many of the pieces will be able to stay in the lab so they can be ready for our party with the early cinema class, tentatively scheduled for net Tuesday (I’ll confirm the party when we meet). Consider posting information on your projects and documentation to this website, too, so that future students can benefit from your future cinema experiments.
If you have any questions, please be in touch.

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