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event of interest: laurie wilcox this Thursday, TEL 1009

IRLT Speakers Series:
Our next presentation will be led by IRLT member Dr. Laurie Wilcox:
Title: Personal Space in Virtual Reality
Date: Thursday, January 31st, 10:30 to noon
Location: TEL1009
Improving the sense of ‘presence’ is a common goal of 3D display technology for film, television, and virtual reality. However, there are instances in which 3D presentation may elicit unanticipated negative responses. For example, it is well established that violations of interpersonal space cause discomfort in real-world situations. Here we ask if people respond similarly when viewing life-sized stereoscopic images. Observers rated their level of comfort in response to animate and inanimate objects in live and virtual (stereoscopic projection) viewing conditions. Electrodermal activity was also recorded to monitor their physiological response to these stimuli. Subjects exhibited significant negative reactions to violations of interpersonal space in stereoscopic 3D displays, which were equivalent to those experienced in the natural environment. These data have important implications for the creation of 3D media and the use of virtual reality systems.

About the presenter:
Laurie Wilcox is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at York University and the Associate Director of the Centre for Vision Research. Her research is primarily focused on basic and applied issues surrounding the perception of depth via stereopsis. Her applied projects include investigations of image quality in IMAX 3D displays, and potential advantages of 3D vs 2D imaging.

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