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The Future of Cinema

I’m interested by these banal examples of future cinema: the attraction sites, that big retailers have recently launched, that have a lot in common with branded installation art. I have two links here for the GAP, and IKEA– the GAP uses the avatar as a sanitization of soft-porn (and curiously, cosmetic surgery is included as an erotic interactive feature), and IKEA references the 3D information space (though I would guess that they actually used the old technology of array cameras) in their creation of a Cronz, high speed photography, consumer space. I’ve also put below an excerpt of the “About Us” description of IshotMyself.com — a self-labeled, “SelfPloitation” porn site — I include this especially for Kevin, but again, it is a more banal application of this ubiquitous networked production world… everyone has a camera and connection… so they can exploit themselves.


GAP http://www.watchmechange.com/

Project_ISM is a public art apparatus. Each day we exhibit a new folio in which the artist presents herself in a bold statement about nudity, fame and the Internet. This is Selfploitation. It can make you look, make you think, make you jelly-kneed, and if you want, it can even make you famous.
Is Project_ISM art? It gets more visitors than the Guggenheim and has more original portraits than the Louvre. Is it crude? That depends on what you do with it. Is it culturally valuable? That’s not for us to decide.
If you like to look, the artists of Project_ISM need your help. Sponsor us and we’ll reward your philanthropy with access to every artist’s entire gallery. Or better still, stop freeloading, get a camera, start shooting, and pickle yourself in the adrenaline rush of public nudity.
Check out some examples of all this enthralling public nakedness on >> THE FREE TOUR


IKEA http://www.ikea.com/ms/sv_SE/kampanj/fy06_dromkok/dromkok.html

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