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GPS Project— Artist Statement

“Infinite Scavenger Hunt”

The “Infinite Scavenger Hunt” is a GPS Cinema Project, which is designed so the Viewer as Observer becomes the Participant in the Fictional/Real Drama as He/She watches a Man participate in the Same Happening. The Participant follows the actions of another Participant, who – as it is revealed at the last stage – also follows a previous Participant on the Same Journey.
As the moving image on the Phone Screen becomes the mirrored reality of the Viewer’s immediate experience, the Endless, looped nature of the Spectator/Observer World reveals itself.

We approached this idea by letting the viewer be the Participant. The video shows a man being a “GPS Participant” watching a GPS video on his phone, and finding clues. The real Participant will have to find the same clues (messages are written on location that indicates where the Participant has to go next). The real Participant will follow the Participant in the video going from the Park Bench (43.773325,-79.500911) to the Vari Hall Flag (43.773116,-79.503288), followed by Library Rainbow (43.772004,-79.505476), the Hotdog Stand (43.771892,-79.501544) and at last they end up in an Alley (43.771869,-79.500579), where the video abruptly stops. It is an infinitely looped Scavenger hunt.

David Balazs—-Ferdinando Dell’Omo—-Mehran Jabbari—-Tara Khalili

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