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Machinima program curated by Isabelle Arvers for Gamerz Festival

Machinima Program for Gamerz Festival #7
November 2011
ARCADE, Aix-en-Provence, France

A selection of films made from video game engines or from a Game Boy camera, as it is the case with Windshield Baby Gameboy Movie by Clint Enns. To give a critical look at a world that turns into a game and blurs the boundaries, with the film Newtonianism Post by Josh Bricker, or Borderline, a game project by Mathias Fuchs. A critic of a world of emptiness with the Secret Confessions by Systaime which takes dialogues of reality TV to create machinima or the Moviestorm machinima audition tape, by the digital punk artist Jon Cates who remix extracts from the software Moviestorm with theory around seduction or game culture.

Are the games violent or is it the reality that is violent? Do video games make you stupid or is it just the revealing of a new moral panic? Through the video Same as it ever was, Tyana Nguyen shows that video games are victims of the same criticisms that the earlier film or television. A new medium is always criticized when it first appeared, and then be praised.

The machinima can be used to better understand what the game is and how players reclaim the game to create their own maps, worlds and characters through editors and game mods. The episode of This Spartan Life, a talk show produced by Chris Burke in the game Halo welcomes designers of the maps with the mod Forge of the game Halo to explain their job. The Leet World is ranked in the so-called movies, a genre first appeared in 2005 according to y Killian Frangu which is for players of Counter Strike to show their skills in games using clips and special effects. The Leet World is a Movie somewhat apart in the category that allows humorous approach to the game and the skills to play. This also shows Gmod The Idiot Box, a series of absurd and hilarious gags designed DasBoSchitt from Garry’s mod, Half Life game’s mod.

- Isabelle Arvers

Most of the video can be watched here.

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