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strike averted

—-from CUPE 3903 website, posted 2:11 am
Strike Averted, CUPE 3903 Wins!

We are pleased to announce that the CUPE 3903 has reached a tentative agreement
with York University and a strike has been averted.

As such, the executive committee and bargaining team recommend ratification of
this agreement that will take place on November 8 and 9.

The tentative agreement represents a major victory for the union. Since Tuesday
night, when CUPE members rejected the administration’s latest offer, the union
was able to win important progress towards addressing some serious problems our
members face. These important gains in addition to those contained in the
October 31st offer are:

* Graduate Assistants now have tuition indexation! This is a groundbreaking
gain. Our Graduate Assistants are the first in the country to win this.

* Teaching Assistants won stronger language for the Minimum Guarantee that
really will guarantee funding in the summer! In addition, the summer funding was
increased to $4490 (year 1), $4625 (year 2), $4764 (year 3). Members with
scholarships will be protected in this upcoming transition year of the funding
cycle which was a major concern raised in the November 1st GMM.

* We won $175,000 per year of funding for additional health care services (such
as physiotherapy, orthodontics, and so on) that are not covered by OHIP.

* Graduate Assistants won an additional increase to their bursary funds: $12,000
(year 1 and 2), $ 15,000 (year 3).

* Members who serve on the executive and bargaining team are now guaranteed an
academic extension with funding for a year! This protects many of our dedicated
union activists from suffering academic penalties because of their union work.

(NOTE: the above list is not an official representation of our gains, only a
hastily writen update based on a telephone conversation with executive members.
An official communique will be sent out as soon as possible.)

The above gains were made possible by members who had the courage, faith and
resolve to struggle for our bargaining proposals and believe in this union’s
democratic practices.

Three cheers for our bargaining team and our members!
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