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More on Blast Theory’s “Can You See Me Now?”: Articles on MR mobile games and location-based games

Here are a couple of articles discussing Blast Theory’s “Can You See Me Now” mixed reality mobile game that involves both online players and players in a physical “real-world” location.

Articles available in PDF format:
(You need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. It’s a free download available here)

Flintham, M, Anastasi, R, Benford, S D, Hemmings, T, Crabtree, A, Greenhalgh, C M, Rodden, T A, Tandavanitj, N, Adams, M, Row-Farr, J (2003), Where on-line meets on-the-streets: experiences with mobile mixed reality games in CHI 2003 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems ACM Press Florida, 5-10 April 2003.
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Benford, S., Anastasi, R, Flintham, M., Drozd, A., Crabtree, A., Greenhalgh, C., Tandavanitj, N., Adams, M., Row-Farr, J., Coping with uncertainty in a location-based game, IEEE Pervasive Computing, September 2003, 34041, IEEE.
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