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Oculus Rift & Game of Thrones!

Check out this article on Gizmodo:


Wondering if we can get this software for the class!

Rose discusses quite a few projects – some successes, but mostly failures in my opinion. When considering participation in transmedia marketing games for film such as the stalled AI, King Kong, or Avatar – these games seem cursory and undermine rather than offer further insight to the worlds they are attempting to expand upon.
I found Rose’s discussion of Pokemon as part of the Outaku media mix to be especially interesting in the vastness of its branding- it seems to be the most successful example he puts forth as it has only expanded to more platforms as new generations have caught on.
While many film marketing materials such as the cake expedition for The Dark Knight, ┬áthe Jurassic Park ride, or Avatar world in development, require physically “being there”- the promotion of Game of Thrones seems to be more sophisticated in its delivery. While the average person may not have an Oculus Rift, this video game was available online to promote the second season.

Wed, January 29 2014 » articles of interest, augmented reality, digital storytelling