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Project Sumi-nagashi

Project Sumi-nagashiFrom The Department of Sensory Media at ATR Media Information Science Laboratories:

“The digital revolution has also drastically changed the field of art. All artists desire the cutting edge of technology in their tools. So, today’s most modernistic tool for expression is naturally the computer. However, most forms of expression by the present computer technology appeal only to the visual and auditory senses. So, the corporeality of the creator, which is indispensable for creation, is left behind. In this demonstration, we bring tactile sensation, which is impossible to display by other digital tools, to the field of digital art with our advanced force feedback device, “Proactive Desk.”We want to search for the possibility of a new style of art that is created through the application of “Sumi-Nagashi.”"

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Mon, February 6 2006 » emerging technologies, screen technologies