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Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality!

To compliment my post last week on Frank Rose’s the art of immersion and his discussion of Pokemon as an otaku media mix, I’ve included two videos demonstrating the 3DS and its capabilities. This technology is my ideal scenario for our group project. If our characters could have the same presence as the animations seen in these demonstrations and also be interactive in the conversational structure of the game we are envisioning, I believe the very presence of these characters would inspire participants to discover other locations in the park.

An experiment done to enlarge the Pokedex AR game A demonstration of the Nintendo 3DS AR Cards

Wed, February 5 2014 » FC2_2014

One Response

  1. paskal February 5 2014 @ 11:12 pm

    Great experiment!
    Inspired me to propose a GPS/AR based game:
    Each time a spots “sees” a logo of a fast food chain, it annoyingly starts to beep and you are forced to move 1km away from it but like in 3minutes, i.e. you have to run or walk very fast to loose calories that usually one hamburger contains.
    When your telephone notices through GPS that you are one kilometer away from the fast food restaurant it stops beeping.
    Maybe not so colossal idea, but I believe it can be immersive and GPS/AR related.