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Steve Mann’s Eye Screens

Steve Mann is a UofT professor (and MIT grad) who has been wearing eye-computer technology (which he developed) over his eyes for several decades. I won’t go into too much detail, as there is a lot of information on him on the web.
However, I found an image online, which tracks the progression of the devices over the decades.

Steve Mann over the decades

My iScreen device seems like a spin-off of one of his earlier attempts, and Rebecca’s iScreen may be an indication of future endeavors.
(the first being more detached and removable, and the second being more physically invasive).

Sun, January 14 2007 » Future Cinema, augmented reality, screen technologies

One Response

  1. Alla January 22 2007 @ 1:27 am

    MY VU!

    Someone already designed and made an “iscreen”-type product for commercial use… and their website looks so similar to the ad I created, complete with a front/side/rear rotation view.


    It’s exactly what I expected — glasses that tap into your mobile gadget, and help you maintain your fashionista look, while isolating yourself from your surroundings.

    One thing their product doesn’t have (which the ideal i-screen does), is a way to make the screen transparent, in case you want to see where you’re going, etc.
    Oh well, just more opportunities for development.