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Web 2.0

Here’s a lovely little piece on Web 2.0. definitely not coming from the “na├»ve realist” camp…

Wed, February 7 2007 » Future Cinema, Web 2.0

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  1. Alla February 9 2007 @ 1:09 am

    Though I find it gets overly dramatic at the end with the “family” “love”, etc.

    I saw this on youtube a few days ago, and I was interested in this video’s producer more than the actual content. I was interested by his research lab’s term “digital ethnography”.

    I never thought of it that way — I know people are doing ethnographic studies online, and I find them fascinating, but it’s interesting to think about it as an entirely new sub-discipline that needs a different approach, perspective, methodology, ethical considerations, etc.

    Definitely a research area that will probably grow significantly.
    Also, what I find interesting about research on the internet (rather, about the internet, emersive technologies) is that they truly require the academic to also be a practitioner (at least to some degree).
    It would be incredibly difficult to bring insight into the world of the internet, or mobile technology, without using it, or communicating with other users (and this communication would have to come through the medium).

    I can go on for hours about the implications of digital ethnography.
    Anyone else have any comments/thoughts?