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CFS: Fusion 2007: Make a Change

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Fusion 2007: Make a Change
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May 5 and 6, 2007 – Weston Family Innovation Centre, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto
Call for Project Submissions

Fashions constantly evolve. The economy, technology and morality are in a state of flux. The very climate of Earth itself is changing. But what about the force behind all these changes – human beings? Can we change? As individuals? Communities? Nations? What would a change in humanity look like?

Fusion Festival seeks to inspire, excite, inform, challenge and connect young artists, designers, inventors and scientists through collaborative or interdisciplinary displays and experiences created by students. It provides the opportunity to publicly showcase innovative new projects that in some way blur traditional boundaries between art, science, design and technology. All types of individual
or team efforts are welcome, ranging from academic projects to street-wise works, rough and raw prototypes and proofs of concept.

Eligible entrants include both high school and undergraduate and postgraduate individuals or groups in Canada and abroad – as well as young people not currently enrolled in educational institutions.Up to 30 Individual or Group finalists will receive a Certificate of Recognition, food voucher and a transportation grant of CAD $50 per project. Authors of best projects will receive a Fusion 2007
CAD $ 600.00 in category A [under 18 years old] and
CAD $ 2 000.00 in category B [over 18 years old]
Application deadline is April 22, 2007. Please visit www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/fusion to obtain further details.

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