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The Return of the Silver Cover

This past weekend I was in Boston for the wonderful zoo/gong-show that is the PCA/ACA conference.
And, on my first day off to see the city, I, being the nerd that I am, went to the MIT bookstore.
At first, I was very disappointed that they didn’t have many of their famous books out on the shelves — in fact, their cinema section was quite tiny, and the employee seemed embarassed to lead me to the 100 centimetres of shelf space they’ve devoted to the subject.
But then…. I saw the familiar silver gleam of the Future Cinema book! They had two copies left in the entire store, and that was it. The copy I got was slightly battered; that’s why, it seems, no one wanted it, so they gave it to me 50% off. Needless to say, the massive prize did not fit into my bag, and I had to lug it with me the entire 12 hour trip back to Toronto (the US seems to be making a cultural fad/statement with the constant plane and bus delays).
Anyway, just wanted to post this is in the one possible place where people will understand my excitement, and not shake their head (pretending to not know me).
The bookstore employee told me that they have 180 back-order copies on the book, so they’re currently thinking about doing another print run…but nothing’s certain.

Thu, April 12 2007 » Future Cinema