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Animated poetry and GIF comics

DAK0TA reminded me of fun animated short “Primiti Too Taa” by Ed Ackerman & Colin Morton (Canada, 1986):


“The film “Primiti Too Taa” is a playful sound poem, where the text jumps to life through animated typing on paper. Visually the film is a concrete poem in motion: choreography. Aurally the film is a sound poem with a printed text: typography. Constructivist poetry meets literal choreography. Primitive sounds meet their typed representation. The film is based on a 45-minute sound poem “Ur-sonate (Sonata for Primitive Sounds)” by Kurt Schwitters. The film is larva in memory of Kurt Schwitters (Artist Poet 1887-1948), under the influence of Norman McLaren.” (CFMDC)

And here’s the animated GIF comic I mentioned in class, by French artist Boulet:

Heavy Lights of January


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