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New Screen

My proposal for a new type of cinema screen would be a partially transparent, interactive, educational tool to entertain viewers of any age. The screen would be the side window of any vehicle and the audience would be the vehicle’s passengers. When the passenger looks out the window of the car images would overlay onto the surrounding scenery and tell a story or add entertaining visuals to the landscape for the passenger to watch as he/she “drives by”. Children could be entertained by this screen through watching make-believe or extinct animals interacting with the landscape outside the vehicle, or could lead a video-game like character through the “obstacles” of passing buildings, trees, and other objects as if they were playing a live-action side-scrolling video game. Adults could be entertained by a similar side-scrolling type video game with more complex rules, be given a historical account of the area with visuals of what that area used to look like, including buildings, people, and vehicles, and work animals, or even a predictive account of what the area, people, and vehicles will look like in that area in the future.

Tue, January 15 2008 » Future Cinema 2, screen assignment