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Possible Questions for Immersive Worlds

Aaron’s use of “scary” as a geo-tag is excellent. This week’s questions are a little less in depth than I would’ve liked. My apologies. Regardless, feast your eyes down below.

1.) Lucas brings up considerations in relation to “theming,” and the ways in which theme is used to solidify concepts. However, as time progresses certain themes become “outdated,” in more ways than one. Specifically, the example Lukas brings about is Las Vegas’ detheming, wherein certain themes have been essentially scrapped in-favor of a more universal and bland theme. This is not limited to Las Vegas; however, as I can clearly point to several examples from West Edmonton Mall, who notably shifted away from its “New Orleans Nightlife Theme,” for a series of restaurants and bars. With all of that in mind, I have several smaller questions. One, is the future of design destined to be bland? Two, in what ways does rebranding and detheming actual advance modern design principles? Three, is the theme of no theme as immersive as any well-conceived and designed theme? Four, if not, could it ever be?

1a.) In what ways do concept of theming carry over into single-channel and commercial cinema forms? How have these concepts helped, and hindered cinema in the past, present, and possible futures?

2.) What is the most immersive experience you have ever had at a place or event? Why do you believe it immersed you, and do you believe these principals were documented in Lukas’ work?

3.) Think about the last time you went to an immersive space. Were you a camper, a mainstream user, or a hardcore user? How did that space engage with your level of engagement?

4.) Lukas places a lot of emphasis on the importance of story in regards to creating immersive spaces. How has this been previously seen in relation to other works and speakers from class such as Illya Szilak’s Queerskins project?

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