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dart assignment

Hi everyone

I gather that by now most groups have had an opportunity to have a shot with their piece on the trackers … and that it was pretty chaotic yesterday when the bulk of you showed up ;-) I know how difficult it must have been organizing during reading week, so just wanted to stress that there is still time to complete the project — it isn’t due until October 27th (will there be a city of ghosts?) so there are a number of open lab days and alo some class time between now and then.

Andrew suggested that with a group this large we can only really proceed with a schedule.. the bottleneck at the moment being that only one group at a time can actually work on the trackers (though you can work on other things, like editing clips and making models).

11 –1 webs group
1-3 open
3-5 — cca
5- 6 optionally open, but book with Andrew or he will go home to take a well-deserved rest

Tuesday —
the first part of the class will be devoted to discussing the readings based on the questions provided by our fearless seminar leaders. The second part will be free time in the lab — so you can connect with your groups and make sure you’re on track for the 27th.

* you are always welcome to stay after class Tuesday*

Wednesday — check with Andrew. It’s his birthday ;-)

Thursday — lab is open all day — book a timeslot, though, so you can be sure you have time to work with the tracker.

Friday — not sure if the lab is open. check with andrew.

Please don’t worry — all will be well once you start to build.

** and be sure to view the dart how-to tutorials online before you arrive — this will save everyone time**

Fri, October 16 2009 » Futurecinema_2009, admin