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Questions for Nov. 13- Deepa

- What I found really interesting about Network Aesthetics was Jagoda’s comparative interpretations of networks- it is so rich, yet he doesn’t seem to put one media form over another and rather sees its productivity in terms of how each medium enables different kinds of network imaginings. Can this be contested, especially when certain media formats are more preferred/ in higher demand and certain others are going obsolete rather quickly? I’m thinking about internet as against the more traditional formats here….
- Is multiplicity of interconnectedness on a network and the ability to grasp the data or go beyond it, human? Where does the connection, that is usually reliant on binaries and bots become us?
- What kind of stories or impact can transmedia storytelling be used to bring about? I’m also thinking about whether it can be used for collaboration with communities, that usually is a space of hearing multiple perspectives, voices…
- Can transmedia stories, especially those layered within different media over a period of time contribute to making the greater story more rich, or does it add to confusion where you’re unable to verify what is true/not? Is information then immortal?

Wed, November 13 2019 » Future Cinema