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Week 11 Questions_Sisi Wei

1. This week’s reading focuses on ARG, saying that ARG only exists when they are played, the boundaries between reality and the game are blurry and intersect. I don’t play games often, the definition of ARG for me is hard to understand, and what is the difference between ARG and normal computer games?

2. Do all the ARG reflect certain social and political issues, that players feel the game world is the reality, whereas the city is the myth?

3. The book says, every ARG enacts that fundamental political power of bringing many individuals into an articulated organized community. Does that mean all ARG must include all sorts of different online players, instead of single-player game modes?

4. I have friends who play games on their phones and put them into self-playing mode (I don’t know the exact word for it, it’s for players who don’t want to spend time playing the game but at the same time they want to achieve goals and high levels, so the phone plays the games for them). I don’t quite understand the reason why they doing so. Why do some players don’t really bother playing the game, or I’m not sure if they really enjoy playing the game, but they care how much they achieve through the game?

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