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Take a look at Stealth Cinema — if you can

I just read a very interesting article on the next generation of stealth technology (http://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Dont.html). The technologies described in that article, for what we know, could end up defining the future of the future of cinema. In fact, as we have learned in this course, it is not too far fetched to imagine a future, be it in ten or one hundred years, where the hyper-sensorial experience created through future cinema technologies will be not only life-like but so much more engaging than real life that real life itself will pale in comparison. Only at that point the future of the future of cinema will emerge. Creative efforts will shift from how to engage the sense to how to disengage them. By then, stealth technologies will be so advanced that they will be used to create what will be the ultimate cinematic exploit, a film that is there, but you cannot see, cannot hear or feel in any possible way. The first time you’ll experience it you might still have the strange sensation that you are witnessing something out of the ordinary, but you won’t really be able to say what. By the second or third time, that discomforting sensation will be gone, and you will be able to fully appreciate all the subtleties of Stealth Cinema. As for its implications, this ultimate form of cinema will finally do away with issues of artistry, authorship and originality. Putting to rest not just Benjamin’s and Warhol’s words, but all that will be thought and written about cinema until then. The prehistory of cinema will be over, Cinema History will finally begin.

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