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Make Your Own – FLARToolkit

Hi Future Cinema 2,
Here’s the download you’ll need for building your own web based AR story.
1. Download the kit.
2. Unzip the folder, it will create a folder called 1812.
3. Read this PDF on how to fix your security settings: Step 4 and beyond you will choose the 1812 folder instead of the Kingston USB thumb drive.
4. Make sure your webcam is not in use by any other application and depending on your computer (PC) the webcam may require being flipped.
5. Edit the /data/playlist.xml to match the media in your /media folder. You will need to use a text editor such as “TextEdit”, “TextWrangler” (NOT MS Word or other Rich text editors). If your XML files are being opened in a program like a web browser:
Mac: Get info>Open With>TextEdit (and you will probably want to click Change All)
PC: Right Click>Properties>Open With…
6. Double click the myoPlayer1812.html
7. you can download a blank png here.
8. If you want to create your own marker: follow these steps and when you download the pattern (*.pat) you can change the last line of flarConfig.xml
pattern path=”data/eaglemarker16.pat” to pattern path=”data/yourname.pat”the name of your pat file.

If you want to edit or compress your own video you can use MPEG Streamclip for free on mac or PC.

Sources for Videos:

Here are some examples:
Tubman Centre
Ontario Science Centre
Toronto Museum Project

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