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addictive tv 2 — eye of the pilot

this is a really lovely project.

‘Dans l’Oeil du Pilote’ ['The Eye of the Pilot'] is the live cinema performance project by UK audiovisual group Addictive TV featuring French guitarist Alejandro de Valera. Taking the form of an aerial travelogue, the project remixes the incredible 8mm colour archive of French airline pilot Raymond Lamy, filmed during his travels from continent to continent in the 1950’s.

Interwoven with stylised interviews with Lamy, the original footage – which was digitally remastered – is re-worked with graphics to a new and original soundtrack by Addictive TV, which features live guitar from French artist Alejandro de Valera playing his custom-built fretless guitar. The visual and musical journey takes us to places such as Karachi, Ivory Coast, Saigon, Tahiti and San Francisco at a time when travelling with a home movie camera was still highly unusual.

The project gives a rare glimpse into the beginnings of a world that we all now take for granted – where constant filming with a camera and international travel are the norm. These revealing images taken from Raymond Lamy’s private archive give a rare portrait of travelling during the tail end of colonial times. Using hi-tech creative multimedia tools and modern aesthetics, this live cinema performance integrates the old and the new, fusing more than just music and images as it evocatively brings to life film from over half a century ago.


Tue, February 20 2007 » early cinema, performance, remix/mashup, sound/music