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seminar schedule

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GS/FILM 6245

Future Cinema – seminar schedule

Week 3, September 30th Virtual Reality

Oliver Grau, “Intermedia Stages of Virtual Reality in the Twentieth Century”


Eduardo Kac “Beyond the Spatial Paradigm: Time and Cinematic form in Holographic Art”

Sarah Stang

Week 4, October 7th, Augmented Reality

Jason Farman, “Mapping and Representations of Space” Mobile interface theory: Embodied Space and Locative media


Gaston Bachelard The Poetics of Space

Week 5, October 14th, Hypermedia/narrative/digital storytelling


Vanevar Bush “As We may Think” (online) AND Adalaide Morris “New media Poetics: As We May Think/How to Write” in New media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts and Theories


N. Kathryn Hayles “Timely Art: Hybridity in new Cinema and Electronic Poetry” (online)

Aly Edwards

Erica Melamed

Week 6 October 21st, Database Cinema

Martha Kinder “Designing a Database Cinema” (FC) AND Lev Manovich “database/narrative” (online)


Thomas Elsaesser, “The New Film History as Media Archeology.”

Cody Pentzos

Nanna Rebekka

Week 7  October 28th Game Narratives and Architectures

Espen Aarseth “Ergodic texts” (online)


Noah Wardrip-Fruin  First Person : New Media as Story, Performance, and Game  (excerpt)

Sarah Voisin

Mark Mungo

Week 8 November  4th Games2

Jane McGonnigal Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World


Creating for the Multi-Platform context Mobile Nation

Alison  Humphrey

Jonathan Clancy

Week 9, November 11th, Mobility/Connectivity/Distributed networks

Kathy Rae Huffman “Video, networks and Architecture; some physical realities of electronic space”;


Deleuze “Conclusions” (Cinema II—The Time Image) (online)


Being there: uncanny medium, methodological multipplicity and proliferative embodied creativity in The Haunting  Mobile Nation AND The Haunting: voices from beyond in mobile experince design  Mobile Nation

Sam Rickford

Week 10, November 18th, Digital Cinema/animation

Virtuosity, Special-Effects Spectacles and Architectures of the Senses, Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and Contemporary Entertainment


Manovich – what is digital cinema? (online)

Vivian Sobchack “Nostalgia for Digital Object”

Oksana Unguryan

Jeff Young

Week 11, November 25th, Translocality/Globalization/Tactical Media


Galloway “Tactical Media” in Protocol;


Gene Youngblood “A Manifesto for the Internet”.

Norman Klein “The Future of the Cinematic City” (FC)

Andi Schwartz

Week 12, December 2nd: Final class :  No seminars (final project presentations)

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