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Questions for Week 10 from Mizusa

1.Through the construction of personal mythology from bits and fragments of information extracted from the media flow, how should people react to the various presentations of knowledge from each other’s point of view? Have our responses to different perspectives improved in some ways?

2.The black box that is capable of containing all media content into our living rooms may be a desirable device; yet, the types of devices seem to be increasing. Jenkins states that different devices are designed to suit one’s needs for accessing content depending on where he is; what situation can motivate technologists to create the all-in-one device so that people do not get surrounded by many devices? How can our daily lives change because of the invention?

3.Jenkins states that participating in a knowledge community is empowering. Have you engaged in a knowledge community? How did it enable you? What type of people gets included/ excluded in such a community?

4.Jenkin’s statement defines the knowledge culture in which our discussions concern as much on how we know and how we evaluate what we know as on the information itself. In such a context, what type of media do we rely on the most?

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