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Week 10 Discussion Questions-Julia

Posted on | November 13, 2019 | No Comments

Q1) Reflecting on Patrick Jagoda’s book, he explained that “Technical inventions, especially as they became more accessible and popular, connected the abstract concept of a network with ‘new types of exchanges b/w people’” (p.10). This got me thinking about the rise in communication and connections being made through online networks and the Internet. Why do you think online network connections between people are dominating the interactive experience today?

Q2) Jagoda states that “Networks have been central objects of study through research in areas such as virtual worlds and social media” (p. 16). What are some negative ways in which social networking is impacting and/or can impact user behaviour?

Q3: What do you think constitutes a successful transmedia project?  For instance, is it the storytelling? User experience? Fan enthusiasm? Game Design? How do we know what works and what doesn’t?

Q4: Can you think of any limitations and challenges with transmedia storytelling?


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