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Week 10 Discussion Questions – Matt

  1. A personal gripe I’ve had with transmedia properties is how suddenly a self-contained story to one piece of media (let’s say video games) suddenly can require you to interact with all the other interlinked properties in order to understand the story. What do you guys think? Does transmedia storytelling help expand on things or does it maybe just overcomplicate them?
  2. It feels to me like music is a form of storytelling that often gets neglected when it comes to the modern idea of transmedia properties. Music videos were often used as storytelling in and of themselves, but do we maybe think that modern creators are worried about their work being pigeonholed into being called that?
  3. Augmented reality games like ILoveBees or the Joker one detailed in the readings are pretty fascinating, but a decade later when the internet is so much more ubiquitous than even in 2009 and information travels so much quicker, is it even possible to create a widespread experience like this anymore without it being cracked within minutes?
  4. Is there any other form of media you folks think should be incorporated more into transmedia storytelling than they already are?

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