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Week 10, Nov 13 Questions/ Reflections by Shabnam

Our key reading today is Network Aesthetics. Is it a coincidence that we’re connecting with Caitlin via Skype?!
Q – Representation of connectedness/ relationships in new media storytelling interests me. How does connectedness relate to connectivity?
Q – Is a network-less society conceivable today? How would it impact those who haven’t known to live without it? (Millennials)

Q – The graphic depiction of networks, raises a question in my mind about the complex layers of network. Do networks serve the purpose of simplifying connection and ease of connectivity, or do they actually complicate communication, raise confusion and distortions?

Q – I’m trying to understand the development of network aesthetics in Art – are these aesthetics more universal, and if so, then are they only contributing to popular culture, quantitatively growing. (formulaic)
In the global context, is the development of network aesthetics a centralized system (controlled by the first world), or is it democratically evolving today?
I think, these may be two different questions, and I’m wondering why I chose to put them together! Does anyone want to jump in?

The rate at which we are moving towards a network literate society, I’m wondering if it will replace ‘education’ at some point, not too far in the future.
Q – Can the sophistication of Networks replace structures/ institutions of formal education?

While reading Network Aesthetics I was obliquely reminded of films of Kieslowski (Decalogue) Atman’s Shortcuts, and other ensemble films such as Babel and Crash. It is almost as if Networks produce a kind of contagion effect and therefore the speed at which we are developing technology cannot determine the direction of its impact.
Q – How do we control and regulate the intent and use of Networked technologies – and further to this, should we be controlling it, since Aesthetics are relative!

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