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Week 10 Questions_Sisi Wei

1. The relationships between human and networks, and human and AI are similar, and yet, what are the differences? Does the fact that networks involve other humans interacting with each other make it different than the relationship between humans and AI as we discussed earlier?

2. We talked about how people have a second identity over social media, you put on what you want people to see, you shape your personality. Then do social media, in this way, separate people apart since we may not be the real selves?

3. In the giant powerful network, I am always thinking, who is the master on controlling all the content, what can be discussed and whatnot, what information can be released and whatnot, are these in control of the government?

4. Patrick talks about how communication networks better the function of linear narratives. Stories being told maybe dramatized. How can we distinguish the events being told in networks are real or not?

Wed, November 13 2019 » Future Cinema