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Questions from Deepa- Nov. 20

  1. Is it safe to assume/posit that ARGs don’t have boundaries? (in reference to Gracia, Neimeyer’s Introduction)
  2. What space does ‘agency’ and ‘embodiment’ have within game design? How can this be viewed in context to concepts such as solidarity and community (or even collective reality), rather than a particular individual with an ARG?
  3. ARG encourages multiplicity and a web-based participatory culture. I’m wondering if there are examples/ critiques that talk about accessibility of such a storytelling method, where the rules/clues and the tech used to disseminate it are in the hands of a puppetmaster.
  4. Is “solving a problem/ finding the treasure/saving the day” the only way(s) to interact collectively in an ARG. What are some other stories that make for an interesting ARG concept? What makes us humans want to participate in them or makes it exciting or rewarding for us?

Wed, November 20 2019 » Future Cinema